What is manner of footwear in Japan?

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 When you going to Japan or even Japanese restaurant in your town,

and if you don’t know what is Japanese culture you may need to know manner of footwear in Japan.

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How handle footwear in Japan?

Traditionally, Japanese took off their footwear when entering a guesthouse, home, temples, castles, historic building and some restaurants.

So have to be bear foot?


 But don’t worry, you will be provided with a slipper indoor and there’s a place where you can put your shoes.

Also lots of different type and design of room shoes available.

Just check before take shoos off!

When you take shoos off you need careful your socks.

Sometime people wear socks with hole will looks not good.

You need take care inside of shoos that also manner of Japanese culture.


 Also, there is a separate slipper provided for toilet use. Never wear the toilet slipper outside the washroom.

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