Why always Japanese are bowing?

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 Most known Japanese traits is bowing.

 Bowing is used as a greetings, introduction, apologize,

making request.

Generally showing respect. Well Japanese people are known

to be respectful people.

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Standard of bowing

bowing       bowing

  •  15 degree bow is semi formal used for greetings.
  • 30 degree bow shows respect to superiors
  • 45 degree used for sincere apology or show highest respect.

If shop staff bowing you, Should you do?

When you enter a shop or restaurant, staff will bow and say irrashaimase (welcome) as a sign of respect, but they don’t except a foreigner to bow back but instead a head nod can be use to bow back.

But if some one greeting you, you better also bow back .

So many situation having different manners…

Not too easy…

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