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Japanese cuisine has a large variety of dishes.

Thats why many towns and cities in Japan
have their own specialties.

The typical Japanese meal is rice (gohan),
miso soup, fish or meat, and pickles,
all serve in a small bowl.

Rice is a staple food for Japanese.
They eat it for every meal.

As their mean crop, rice has many use.

As product, Rice wine (sake), Rice Vinegar,
Rice Flour and Rice Bran.

As Food, Rice cake (mochi), Rice blals (onigiri),
donburi, Rice crackers, Rice bread, sushi,
and a lot more.

Popular Dishes. Japan’s pride, Seafoods,
they have a wide variety of dishes when
it comes to seafoods, like sushi and tempura,
Noodles, Udon, made of wheat flour.

It is widely available in restaurants and
prepared wether hot or cold. Soba,


Made of buckwheat flour, usually serve as cold.

Also widely available in restaurants.

Ramen, a thin egg noodles. widely available
and can be found every corner og the country.

It usually serve hot and topped with a
variety of ingredients.

Ramen is a popular dish that every region
has its own style and variation of theme.

Tofu, made of soybean curd, it has
the high source of protein.

Specially for vegetarian, tofu is use in a
variety of sweet and savory dishes.

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