Japanese Drinking Culture

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Drinking alcohol is their way of relaxing and
bonding with friends and colleagues.

And this way, they are free to talk with their
feelings and opinions, even with their boss.

In their culture, never pour a drink for yourself,
its a no no!, they think it rude. Your companion
will fill your glass and in return, you fill theirs.

Do not drink until everyone has a glass filled.

Sake(rice wine) is their national drink.


You can drink it wether hot or cold.

While beer is the most popular drink
in Japan, man, woman, young and old.

Tea (cha) is well, common in Japan.

What place would you think when t comes
to Green tea.

There are wide varieties of tea in Japan.

Tea is not only for a drink, but it is widely
used for their food.

If you want a drink-on-the-go, Japan have
lots of vending machine everywhere.

vending _machine

Hot or cold drinks? its all in that
vending machine.

Thats only in Japan.
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