What is proper way of eat Sushi? by hand or use chopstick?

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 When we eat sushi, which is proper way or correct manure by hand or use chop stick?

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What do you think??

 Originally sushi began from Edo period, When people play gambling  and no time for eat so even they can eat with play.

 That’s reason why sushi start and people use just by hand.

 This story very similar to Tramp.

 Anyway if we talking about how to eat sushi, just answer will be whichever confutable for you!!

 Just small tip when you will use chopstick when eat sushi just try pinch fish and rice from both side


if you will use finger turn the sushi upside down with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger so that the fish part will fall on your tongue.

 Also when you will sushi put in mouth just try fish is bottom and rice on top.

 This is a proper way of eat sushi.

 If you go sushi restaurant please try by hand or chop stick??

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