One of best Japanese culture – ONSEN

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 When we talk about Japanese culture you may say “Sushi” “Geisya” “Samurai” “Onsen”…etc.

 So ONSEN is one of best culture in Japan

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Japanese Onsen which is water from under ground heated by Volcano.

They came from depends on place but normally bellow 500m underground.

But ONSEN was lots of nature of efficacy so people believe good for health.

Special rules for how to se ONSEN

 There are several rules to follow when you bath in onsen.

  1. In Japan, when you bath in onsen, you have to be naked,regardless the fact that you bath with other persons.
  2. The only thing you can bring inside is a small towel. Basket or locker is provided for you to put your clothes and shoes.
  3. You have to take shower and clean yourself first before entering the bath.
  4. It depends on the management, some you have to bring your own soap, and some they will provide soap. And soap is never allowed inside onsen bath.

  5.  Keep your towel out of the Onsen water. You may either put it on the side of the bath or put it in your head.

  6.  Don’t swim. Dont play around the water. Onsen is set to be the place to rest and relax by soaking.

How hot is Japanese ONSEN?

Normally temperature of ONSEN around 38-42℃.

So when you going to tub you may feel too hot.

Other tips


  •  Originally ONSEN go man and women are together but now most of place have separate area.
  •  One of purpose of ONSEN is also to communicate with other people, Just try to talk to other people in both tub.

So when you go Japan, Let’s try to have ONSEN!!

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